Established in Madrid in 2009, Ediciones Nevsky started off specialising in Russian literature in Spanish translation, mixing classics with Soviet science fiction and books by contemporary authors. The fantastic, the weird and speculative fiction are an important part of its collection. Published alongside classics, the intention is to indicate genre fiction's deserved place in the literary canon

The press is the personal project of English translator James Womack and Spanish translator Marian Via Rivera-Womack, who met at Oxford over a common love of Russian literature. Our aim is to create a space where translation, culture and ideas meet and blend together. The project has expanded over the years to include European authors, together with the bright stars of Spanish speculative fiction, bringing together a personal selection of the most vibrant European titles in Spanish translation.

Our new imprint, Nevsky Books, showcases, in English translation, some of the most exciting Spanish slipstream authors working today. We aim to publish 3-4 books a year of literary Science Fiction, Fantasy, Weird Fiction, Bizarro, Pulp, Horror and Mystery, written by a new generation of authors who are changing the Spanish speculative fiction landscape. The imprint will also publish rare jewels of Russian and Soviet literature in English translation, with an emphasis on book design and illustration, mirroring the ideology and work method of our Spanish press.

Please contact us for digital or printed copies for review: press@nevsky.es

A full dossier on the imprint is available for downloading here







TANGRAM, Juan Carlos Márquez. (Thriller/Literary Fiction/Slipstream)     

See the catalogue page here, and  download the press-release here. Available December 2016

Tangram is a thriller, a fractured portrait   of our contemporary corruption that ranges from the Basque country to Reykjavík, from London to Calabria. 

A set of interlinked stories that combines and recombines into a series of possible narratives, each one giving its own perspective on a world built on deceit and damage. Apparently separate on the surface, they are shown to have far-reaching connections; to be, in many ways, pieces of a puzzle, highlighting the global nature of individual actions. Tangram was awarded the prestigious Euskadi Novel Prize in 2012. The judges highlighted Márquez’s ‘elegant, unvarnished’ style, his fine sense of irony and humour, and praised the novel as a ‘fractured mirror; a set of stories, pieces of a puzzle that combine to form a whole.’ The novel also won the Sintagma Prize, awarded by booksellers: in the words of the awarding committee, ‘Juan Carlos Márquez’s prose is some of the most carefully worked writing that it is possible to find. His novel is a literary game right from its title onwards, as it gives us story after story and sets us the enjoyable and fascinating task of reading them and putting them together.’ 

Márquez’s language is as incisive and precise as it is brilliant, EL PAÍS





  MOON SCARS, Ángel Luis Sucasas.  (SF/F/Slipstream)     

 See the catalogue page here, and   download the press-release here. Available January/February 2017

  In these stories Ángel Luis Sucasas  goes against the flow of conventional Spanish fantasy, and offers us the heightened vision of a powerful and singular imagination.  

  Literature meets video games and comics, werewolves, revenge, unexpected love, and dystopian societies in which Peter Pan rubs shoulders with The Walking Dead, this collection illuminates new worlds of fantastic reach, daring us to travel beyond our comfort zones.


 A postmodern take on popular cultureEL PAÍS
 A true carnival of the imagination, Félix J. Palma, NYT Bestseller Author










  • Young Moriarty (I): The Dodo Mystery, Sofía Rhei. (Classical Mystery/Humour) Spring 2017
  • Fourth Approach to the UFO, Tamara Romero. (Weird, SF, Fantasy) Autumn 2017
  • The Man Without A Face, Luis Manuel Ruiz. (Classical Mystery/Humour) January 2018
  • Coelacanth, a Novel, by Jimina Sabadú
  • Corona de flores, by Javier Calvo. (English title TBD)
  • Alphaland, by Cristina Jurado (Weird, SF, Fantasy)


  • Red Star, Alexander Bogdanov
  • The Queen of Spades, Alexander Pushkin


Collection design, cover art and logo design by Zuri Negrín.


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