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Publicado el September 14, 2015

Friends: we had some bad news over the weekend. The husband of Anna Starobinets, Sasha Garros, journalist, screenwriter, co-author of the novel HEADCRUSHER (a cyberthriller which is still one of the most interesting books about the post-Soviet 1990s), has been diagnosed with a malignant tumour of the oesophagus. I have been lucky enough to spend a little time with Anna and Sasha together, most recently at the MOT festival in Olot, Girona, last year, and they are really a wonderful, mutually supportive, humorous and friendly couple, with an eleven-year-old daughter and, as of this February, a beautiful baby son. And now this piece of bad luck has fallen on them. The problem at the moment, more than anything else, is that Sasha, as a Latvian citizen, has no right to free medical care in Russia, and so they will have to pay for every single treatment themselves. And these treatments can be, will most likely be, extremely expensive. Added to this is the fact that the best chance of a cure might be to go abroad, and that Anna and Sasha are freelancers with no obvious way to earn money once Sasha has to stop working and concentrate on getting better. Anna has given us permission to share her bank details here (they're at the end of the post), but we would also like to add that, starting today, if you buy any product from the Nevsky Prospects online store (http://edicionesnevsky.com/collections/all), we will send the money directly to her and her family. We are 'lucky', although that's probably not the right word, that Anna's new novel, REFUGIO 3/9, will be published in Spanish on 28 September: we will have copies in the publishing house from 16 September onwards. We also have one book in English, the E-Pub THE BEST OF SPANISH STEAMPUNK. If you want to donate money but already have all the books we publish, or don't want to buy any, you can pay money directly into the Nevsky Prospects PayPal account at james@nevsky.es. Please, if you can help, do help: I can think of nothing better than supporting this amazing family. Thank you so much.

Sasha Garros's account in Latvia (accepts dollars and euros):
Balasta dambis 1a, Riga, LV-1048, Latvija
Account number: LV70HABA0551010514527
Aleksandrs Garross
Personal code: 150675-10518

Anna Starobinets's account in Russia (accepts euros):
ЗАО «ЮниКредит Банк», Россия, Москва, 119034, Пречистенская наб., 9
Account number: 40817978350010019449

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