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Publicado el January 27, 2017


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It is difficult to write about being proud. The risk is that you sound like the worst parent in the playground, telling everyone just how wonderful your own special child is, when everyone knows that all children are special, none is more beautiful than any of the others, that everybody has won and all must have prizes. It sounds particularly bad when you are trying to sell people something.

So, trying to be objective. Ediciones Nevsky is a publishing house that is based in Spain. For the eight years of our existence we have published translations from a number of languages into Spanish. That much is a fact. But we are also in a very favourable position, in particular given our strong historical connections with England and Russia, to expand into new countries.

There are a large number of Spanish authors nowadays, writing in every possible genre. A number of them are very good writers, producing work far different from, but as substantial as, that of any of the Spanish authors who have been translated into English and promoted in the English-speaking world over the last several years. And so, one of our aims over the last few years has been to reach a position from which we can start to publish books by Spanish authors in English.

And that moment has now come. One of the great advantages of changes in printing technology over the past few years is that it is now possible to produce books at little cost, in whatever quantities are required. This means that it is possible for us to put our toes into the waters of a new market without huge investment, without running too much risk. Thanks to this newfound flexibility, Nevsky Books is now a reality, after years of dreaming and at least eighteen months of serious planning and organisation.

Our first title, Tangram, Juan Carlos Márquez’s witty, dark, fascinating thriller, which plays with the reader’s mind as it tells several interlocking stories (or is it the same story from different perspectives?), is a worthy book with which to begin this new stage in our development. You can buy it from your bookseller, or from most online retailers, or from our website. We are very proud.


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