Moon Scars

Moon Scars


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Werewolves, revenge, unexpected love and dystopian societies in which Peter Pan rubs shoulders with The Walking Dead... Ángel Luis Sucasas is a true original, a writer of wild fantasy and fantastic wildness.

In his stories Ángel Luis Sucasas goes against the flow of conventional fantasy and offers us the heightened vision of a powerful and singular imagination. This collection illuminates new worlds of fantastic reach, daring us to travel beyond our comfort zones.

Praise for Ángel Luis Sucasas: 

'Reading Sucasas is like hearing Neil Gaiman or Clive Barker tell you a story on a stormy night. For its ambition and its achievement, it is likely that this collection will become a reference point for Spanish fantasy.' Félix Palma, NYT Bestselling Author of The Map of Time.

Praise for Moon Scars:

'Ángel Luis Sucasas crafts worlds with unbelievable ease... Moon Scars is one of those volumes that make me fall in love with speculative fiction all over again.' Mihai Adascateli, Dark Wolf Review

'Moon Scars is an intriguing, dazzling gem, and a fantastic addition to the world of Spanish speculative fiction in translation.' Rachel Cordasco, SF in Translation 

Ángel Luis Sucasas (Pontevedra, 1984) is a writer, journalist, translator and film critic. He has published three novels, Hamelín (2011), El encuentro (2011) and Savanna (2014), as well as two collections of short stories, Áireán (2013) and La tercera cara de la Luna (2015). He has won several literary prizes and has been twice shortlisted for the Premios Nocte, the Spanish fantasy and horror awards. His story 'Farewell' was chosen to represent Spain in the World Fantasy Convention Anthology in 2015.

  • Translation: James Womack
  • Art cover: Zuri Negrín 
  • ISBN: 978-84-945913-4-1
  • 142 páginas

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