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Spanish cover of SuperSonic (EuroCon special issue) & Cuentos desde el otro lado 


Cristina Jurado (Madrid, 1972) is a bilingual author who writes in Spanish and English. She studied Advertising at the Universidad de Sevilla and holds a Master's degree in Rhetoric from Northwestern University. In 2012 she published the novel Del Naranja al Azul (Novum Publishing), and she has contributed to several anthologies and fanzines such as Retrofuturismos. Antología Steampunk (Ediciones Nevsky; available in English translation in The Best of Spanish Steampunk), Crónica de Tinieblas (Sportula), Los Irregulares (Cazador de Ratas), Retrofuturo (Cazador de Ratas) and Cuentos desde el Otro Lado (Ediciones Nevsky). She writes science fiction, horror, and other genres, always displaying an eye for weird and unusual settings and a pulp sensibility. One of her short stories, Vanth, has been published as an illustrated book by Ana Galvañ (Pulperías). She is a champion of Spanish science fiction, and a talented editor of new writing. Her magazine SuperSonic has given a platform to some of the most exciting new voices of Spanish genre fiction. Cristina was also the driving force behind Alucinadas (Palabaristas), the first anthology of female Spanish science fiction short stories, translated into English as Spanish Women of Wonder.

She has been nominated for the Ignotus Prize (Spanish Hugo) for best short story, and is the holder of the Ignotus Prize for best article. SuperSonic Mag won the European Science Fiction Spirit of Dedication Award as best eZine in 2016. She lives in Dubai, and blogs at Más ficción que ciencia



Cristina will publish a collection of her short fiction, both written originally in English and translated from Spanish:


Alphaland (Forthcoming, 2017)

Otherness is the idea that permeates all these speculative stories, full of characters troubled by the misconstruction of their identities, and in permanent search for answers in the margins of reality. From upgraded humans to individuals living among daydreams, from monsters to fantastic beings, these creatures populate a highly imaginative and evocative world, impregnated by an inspired sense of wonder. Draw near with care and enter Alphaland! 

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