The Project

Established in Madrid in 2009, Ediciones Nevsky started off specialising in Russian literature in Spanish translation before expanding into other languages and cultures. The press is the personal project of two translators, with the aim of creating a space where translation, culture and ideas meet and blend together.

We have published more than seventy books in Spain to date. Some have been roaring successes, like the first Spanish translation in four decades of The Master and Margarita, Bogdanov's Martian novels, or the first Spanish translation of Lisa Tuttle's A Nest of Nightmares. We have published beautiful illustrated classics for adults, and children's series as the popular Young Moriarty. We are responsible for the first translations into Spanish of a list of speculative fiction authors that are changing the face of genre writing, such as Karin Tidbeck, Nina Allan or Anna Starobinets.

From each one of those projects we learnt something, whether they were successful or not. Perhaps we learnt more from the ones that weren't. Building on that history, we are launching our new imprint in English translation, Nevsky Books

A multilingual team, our conscious goal is connecting different cultures at this difficult geopolitical time. It is more important than ever to build bridges. We cannot do this alone, and are very lucky to have built in the past years a multilingual community of friends and collaborators across different countries in the publishing and literary world. Together we are putting together a list of new writing, which we will publish in a variety of formats, from small pamphlets of three or four short stories, to novellas and full-length novels, poetry, non-fiction, and speculative fiction, and always putting special care in the translation, editorial, and design processes, following the ethos of what we have built in Spain. If you would like to get involved in any way, please get in touch.




Above: #coverart, #design & #illustrations from Zuri Negrín, Charlotte Cory, Julia Lloyd, Silvia Grav, Alfonso Rodríguez Barrera, Sandra Rilova, and Iratxe López de Munáin. 
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