Javier Calvo



Javier Calvo was born in Barcelona and lives in New York City. He's a writer and literary translator. His books include the novels Corona de flores (Semana Negra de Gijón Prize, 2010), El jardín colgante (Biblioteca Breve Prize, 2013) and the non-fiction book El fantasma en el libro (2016). His work has been translated into English, French, Italian and German.



Corona de Flores (English title TBD, 2018)

Barcelona, 1877. A cloud of chemicals and the presence of a serial killer makes the city tremble. Inspector Semproni de Paula, small, paranoid and violent, is put in charge of the investigations, assisted by his old friend Menelaus Roca, an anatomist with a homicidal past. All around them swirls a crowd of characters darkly connected by webs of intrigue and treason: Aniol Almarrosa, the city's most fashionable novelist, author of the decadent penny dreadful all the younger writers try to imitate; Max Téller, king of the criminal underworld; the pompous diplomat Dado Blokium, and Liberata, Melaneus Roca's maid, the repository of dark secrets. Moving from the underworld of crime and decadence to the most fashionable salons of the city, Corona de Flores is an esoteric horror story, a gothic crime novel set in nineteenth century Barcelona. 

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