Jimina Sabadú


Spanish cover of Celacanto (Lengua de Trapo) 


Jimina Sabadú (Madrid, 1981) is an author and screenwriter. She has appeared in several anthologies (Artifex, Madrid con Perdón, Última TemporadaCuentos desde el otro lado), and her two published novels have won prestigious prizes. Celacanto was selected as one of the best literary debuts of the year by El MundoLos supervivientes won the Ateneo Joven Novel Prize. She is the editor of the annual magazine Ventura. She has written widely for Spanish television (La2, DocuTVE, Paramount Channel…), printed media  (Fotogramas, Mondo Brutto, La Razón, etc), and radio (Cadena SER, M80, Radio 3). She is the screenwriter of two full-length movies (Faraday, La Máquina de Bailar) and the director of another (La Pájara). She has also directed several short movies. She has also written plays and dramatic sketches, and in 2015 the Teatro Alfil in Madrid staged her play Hijas de la Gran Puta. She has taught drama and literature at the Universidad Camilo José Cela in Madrid, and is currently working on a number of literary and cinematic projects, among them pre-production work for a new feature-length film she has authored, Mandarinas. She also co-organises the ongoing project Cine para Chicas y Maricas. She lives in Madrid.

Coelacanth won the prestigious Lengua de Trapo Literary Award in 2010.




Coelacanth (Forthcoming, 2018)

There is a story about some kids in a summer camp, about a bad kid who disappears, and another one who swears he saw a coelacanth come out of the lake and eat him up. There are kids who are away from their parents, and parents who don't know how to be parents. There are kids who are in pain, who are lonely, who live through their fantasies, who go through life suffering... Part Bildungsroman, part fable, Coelacanth is a novel about monsters, real and imagined, about kids learning to be adults, trying to understand a real world more frightening than their deepest nightmares. 

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