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Born in Bilbao in 1967, Juan Carlos Márquez graduated in information science and then studied journalism. He has been a full-time writer and creative writing teacher for several years. He has published three books of short stories, Norteamérica profunda (2008), Oficios (Castalia, 2008) and Llenad la Tierra (2010), and has been nominated twice for the Setenil Prize for Short Fiction, as well as for the prestigious International Ribera del Duero Short Fiction Prize. He has won the José Nogales Prize (2010), the Rafael González Castell Prize (2005) and the Juan Rulfo Prize to the best debut writer (2003). His stories are anthologised in various collections, and his non fiction can be read in Chéjov Comentado (Ediciones Nevsky). Tangram is his first novel. His second novel, Los últimos, was published in 2015.

Tangram was the recipient of the prestigious Euskadi Novel Prize (2012), and of the Sintagma Prize (2011), awarded by Spanish booksellers.



Tangram (Nevsky Books, 2016)

Tangram is a thriller, a fractured portrait of our contemporary corruption that ranges from the Basque Country to Reykjavík, from London to Calabria.

A set of interlinked stories that combines and recombines into a series of possible narratives, each one giving its own perspective on a world built on deceit and damage.

A morbidly obese woman, a former actress, imprisons two university students in a basement in Getxo in the north of Spain. A psychopath decides on Reykjavík as the theatre for his crimes. A thief, recently released from prison, tries to recover the money that he hid years previously on the outskirts of London. A mafioso, recently arrived in a Calabrian village, manages to win the respect of his fellow citizens even as he extorts money from them. A detective struggles to deal with his police duties and a growing sexual obsession. These stories, apparently separate on the surface, are shown to have far-reaching connections. They are pieces of a puzzle, and it is only on reading the final pages that the last one clicks neatly into place. 


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