Luis Manuel Ruiz


 Images and newspaper from the Madrid of the turn of the century.



The Man Without a Face (Forthcoming, 2018)

Madrid in 1908 is shaken by a series of unusual deaths. A biology professor is crushed by a dinosaur skeleton. A high ranking bureaucrat bleeds to death in a ballroom... Elías Arce, reporter with newspaper The Planet, must find a pattern that explains the inexplicable. And that is how he discovers the only thing that all these people have in common, Salomón Fo, the most brilliant scientist in the whole kingdom, member of the Royal Academy for Exact Sciences, and lover of the piononos, a sugary pastry. Professor Fo will find himself drawn into this adventure, whether he wants it or not, stumbling upon a web of deceit, international espionage, state secrets and horrid experiments that should never be made public. He will be helped by his intrepid daughter Irene, a highly intelligent lady fond of boxing and racing cars... and young Arce, the most incompetent of men. 

The Professor Fo Adventures begin here!: Mystery, Adventure, and Scientific Method


We are delighted to announce that Nevsky Books will publish the complete series of Professor Fo in English translation, making it available to an English speaking readership, starting by El hombre sin rostro, The Man Without a Face.



Luis Manuel Ruiz (Sevilla, 1973) combines his work as a high school philosophy teacher with literary criticism for a number of media outlets. He is also a multi-award-winning novelist and short story writer. His first novel, El criterio de las moscas (1998) was the recipient of the Premio Novela Corta from Seville University. This was followed by the novels Obertura francesa (2002), La habitación de cristal (2004), El ojo del halcón (2007) and Tormenta sobre Alejandría (2009). In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious Premio Iberoamericano Cortes de Cádiz for the best short story collection with Sesión Continua (2010), and in 2014, the Premio Málaga de Novela with Temblad villanos. He has also been included in the major slipstream Spanish publications, among them the anthologies Steampunk: Antología Retrofuturista (Ediciones Nevsky), Cuentos desde el otro lado (Ediciones Nevsky), and Perturbaciones (Salto de Página).

His fiction is characterised by a polished style, which achieves a high level of craftsmanship while being entertaining and page-turning. He has been translated into several languages, and received in 2001 the International Novel Prize at the Frankfurt Book Fair for his second novel, Sólo una cosa no hay.

In 2014 he started publishing the Professor Fo series, a set of charming detective-supernatural novels set in the Madrid of the 1900s. Subtly "sherlockian", delicately funny, and filled with picturesque images of the Madrid at the turn of the century, the series has been a critical success. The first two volumes, El hombre sin rostro (2014) and El ejército de piedra (2015), were published by Salto de Página Press. The third volumen, Las nieblas de Londres, has been acquired by Ediciones Nevsky to be published in Spanish in 2018.



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