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Ediciones Nevsky was founded in Madrid in 2008 by two translators, James and Marian Womack. Initial projects were all translations from Russian into Spanish, but the press quickly expanded into translations of authors from other countries, as well as Spanish authors. Their output includes illustrated books, classics, children's literature and non-fiction, all with a distinctive liminal, uncanny or weird flavour.

Unwilling to sort literature into boxes, Ediciones Nevsky carved a new path by publishing genre fiction alongside classics or literary fiction in the same collections, something that had not been done before in Spanish publishing. Nevsky was one of the first presses whose genre publications were reviewed in major national newspapers and literary magazines, challenging the perceived bias of their place in the literary canon. Over time it has become the Spanish publisher of a number of authors who are changing the face of speculative fiction worldwide, including Anna Starobinets (Russia), Nina Allan (Scotland), Sofía Rhei (Spain), and Karin Tidbeck (Sweden). Nevsky has also published a number of speculative fiction anthologies, which have been among the first in Spain to feature female authors in parity with their male counterparts, and to include new writers alongside more established voices. 

Spanish newspaper El País called the press  'a project that reinvigorates Spanish indie publishing'.



'Marian and James have not only created masterful translations for us, they have also done an excellent job bringing authors and stories to our attention that we would otherwise not know about', Jeff and Ann VanderMeer, editors of The Big Book of SF (Vintage, 2016)

We love translation. Translation has always been the main impetus behind the project: our aim has been to build bridges between different readerships. The majority of authors published by Ediciones Nevsky have never been translated into Spanish before, and include Lidia Zinovieva-Annibal, Alexander Bogdanov, Vladimir Odoevski, Gaito Gazdanov, Anna Starobinets, Lisa Tuttle, Margaret Oliphant, Gladys Mitchell, Charlotte Cory, Nina Allan, and many others. One of the press's bestsellers is its edition of The Master and Margarita, the first new translation of the classic into Spanish in forty years, now in its 4th edition. 

Our new English language imprint, Nevsky Books, arises from the same urge to discover underrepresented authors to a new readership.


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