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Sofía Rhei (Madrid, 1978) is an author and experimental poet with more than 30 published books, and also a translator and professional publishers' reader. As a poet, she has written Las flores de alcohol (La bella Varsovia), Química (El gaviero), Otra explicación para el temblor de las hojas (Ayuntamiento de Granada), the 3D book Alicia Volátil (Cangrejo Pistolero), Bestiario microscópico (Spórtula), and La simiente de la luz (Lapsus Calami). She has edited the antology Sextinas (Hiperión), and is the recipient of the prestigious Javier Egea National Poetry Prize.

As a children's writer she has published the series Krippys (Montena), El joven Moriarty (Ediciones Nevsky) and Los hermanos Mozart (Diquesí), as well as many individual titles such Olivia Shakespeare (Edelvives), or La calle Andersen (La Galera), written with Marian Womack. Her YA novels are Flores de sombra (Alfaguara) and its sequel, Savia negra.

She also writes dark fantasy and weird fiction for adults, and she has participated in major Spanish publications in this genre, among them the magazines Presencia humana and SuperSonic, or the anthologies Más allá de Némesis (Spórtula), Crónica de Tinieblas, (Spórtula), Retrofuturismos (Ediciones Nevsky), Cuentos desde el otro lado (Ediciones Nevsky), Terranova, vol. 3 (Fantascy), Retrofuturo (Cazador de ratas) and Las otras. Antología de mujeres artficiales (DiazGrey). His first novel for adults is Róndola (Minotauro), a humorous fantasy fairytale. 

She has been translated into several languages, and in English can be read in Strange HorizonsMythic Delirium, Barcelona Tales (NewCon Press), and the special issue of SuperSonic for EuroCon 2016.  A translation of one of her poems was shortlisted for the Dwarf Stars and Rhysling awards. 

Sofía is also the recipient of the Children's Author Award of the European Science Fiction Association (2016).  



We are delighted to announce two publications by Sofía Rhei with our new imprint in English translation:


Young Moriarty (I): The Dodo Mystery (Forthcoming, 2017)

James Moriarty may not be the most pleasant or the most sociable of children, but when he decides on a course of action nothing, and nobody, will stand in his way... 

Acclaimed children’s author Sofía Rhei has reimagined the childhood of one of the most famous Victorian villains, and in doing so has created a world where history and fiction collide and bleed into one another. 

In the first book in the series, The Dodo Mystery, the reader is thrown headlong into James Moriarty’s mid-Victorian family: as well as the naughty protagonist, we meet his older sister Arabella, if anything even more cunning than her little brother, and James’s best friend, the gardener’s boy John Watson. The story begins when James’s Uncle Theodosius returns from a trip to Mauritius, bringing with him a bird that everyone had at that time thought extinct: a dodo. As well as this, we come into contact with Mr. Darwin, a governess with secrets, a little black-clad assassin, a baroness with a glass eye, a gourmet who will eat absolutely anything, an African sorceress, a ruined aristocrat, a mendacious actress, the author of Alice in Wonderland, Alice herself, and a giant African land snail. The Dodo Mystery is filled with humour and surprises for lovers of the Victorian period, of strange animals, of Cluedo, of people whose names are synonymous with evil, of cameo appearances from historical figures, and of children who aren’t exactly bad... just drawn that way.

The series is beautifully illustrated by Alfonso Rodríguez Barrera. An Art graduate of the Universidad de Barcelona, he has illustrated Sulamita (Ediciones Nevsky), El Maestro y Margarita (Ediciones Nevsky) and Thomas Pynchon. Un escritor sin orificios (Alpha Decay), as well as designing covers for a number of Spanish publishing houses.


Into the Deep Forest (Forthcoming, 2018)

A new collection of micro-fictions, Into the Deep Forest mixes fairytale tropes with daring reinventions of the figures of the Tarot pack, creating a net of connections and meanings that spread out far beyond the tales themselves.


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